Up, Up, and Away We Grow


Ahhhhh...that fresh new year smell in the air has me dreaming up new possibilities.

Q: What is big, bright, and bursting with colorful sparks of joy?

A: 2019 as I see it. :)

This year is all about  E X P A N S I O N .

2019, here we grow...

Taking careful consideration of initiatives that serve you the best while supporting Star Seeds mission, I've incorporated outspoken requests from many of you and boiled it down to a few key areas of focus. I’m really excited about the 2019 list below, I could burst! (pun intended). Like a bubble forming from the rainbow liquidy plasma, I’m breathing new life into this brand. Expanding and elevating to new heights.

  1. Newsletter - Starting closer on the horizon, I'd like to deliver daily doses of inspiration. If any of you are familiar with TUT Notes from the Universe, I'm thinking of something similar along the lines of that. I’m still fine-tuning what this will look but the basis is I would love to share inspirational quotes and spiritual wisdom on a more frequent or daily basis. More on-demand than what I'm able to do visually on my feed. What do you think? Yay/Nay? (Drop a comment below with your vote and let me know how frequent you'd like it to hit your inbox.)
  1. CommUNITY Engagement - As we journey together I'm looking for more ways to engage with you!! Whether for fun, keeping it real or dropping fresh shop news on ya, you can expect to see more and hear more from me. Further in line with that, I see more partnerships and collaborations with like-minded leaders & lightworkers in the spiritual community. Strategic partnerships that uplift and bring value to you. Special guests to be added to the content mix as well such as guest bloggers. If you'd like to collaborate or work together, shoot me a DM (@starseed_tribe) or email at shop.starseed@gmail.com!!
  1. Product line + New Collections - Keeping in line with our values to be an all-inclusive community of beautiful souls in all different walks of life, I’ve had several requests to expand our offerings into plus sizes. So that's what I'm going to do! And couldn't be happier about it. Not sure when the Plus Line collection will be fully ready but I'm slating it for late spring / early summer.

    What else can you expect from our shop?? Our stylish, next-level SU19 collection will be released around late spring well! This will be the best apparel collection yet, guys and I'm seeing a continuation of pastels, rainbows, holographic foil and potentially some plays on texture. Ahhh I can't wait to get started!! While I'm working on designing the larger collection, there may be a special edition or early release in between that timeframe - so keep a look out!!


Finally, I wish upon the brightest star that I may be blessed with landing myself in the festival circuit somehow, someway. I’m also seeking retail opportunities and potential pop-ups. Maybe late 2019 or a 2020 goal - it's its on the horizon and something I’ve set my sights on for a while. I explored retail and festival opportunities in 2018 - and got pretty close - but ultimately I decided it was too soon for where I was at.

The underlying important factor to me is serving you while #outfittingyoursoul with products that you love. I’ll tell you with full transparency that I struggled in 2018 with having so many ideas in all different directions with so very little time.

That’s why I’m turning to you to help shape the future and because I value your input. Please take this short, 3 min survey (that's right, I timed it out) and as a special thanks, I’ll send you some FREE Star Seed swag!!  



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