5 Spiritual Books to Start Your Journey

Hello beautiful souls!

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing like a good spiritual read to cozy up to on vacation, sunbathing at the lake, or chilling at the park.

I’ve gathered up 5 of my favorite spiritual reads for you that helped me begin my spiritual journey.

I’m excited to share these beautiful, heart-opening, mind-expanding books and how they served me along my soul travels.

Disclaimer: Please use your own discernment and internal guidance as you read my (very informal) reviews. This is not a roadmap to spiritual enlightenment nor is it a guarantee you’re going to have the same experience I did with these books. You may interpret it in a whole different way! (That just made me think, we should create a spiritual book club. Who’s with me?!!) My point is that we’re all at different levels; each soul follows their own unique and special path. I’m simply sharing and giving a glimpse into the ways it served me in hopes it may strike a chord that resonates with you.

1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now was a good initiation in the concept of awareness for me. “Be present” is the main takeaway. It allowed me to embrace the concept that we own our power in the present moment. It’s in this state you’re able to access all that is, all that you are, and all the wonder of the universe deep within.

Eckhart Tolle’s heart-based writing style is gentle and clear to understand on all levels, offering insights into the different aspects of self, including factors that can affect our emotions. Inspirational and insightful, it starts out with chapter one, You are not your mind.

How it served me:

Helped me to realize the present moment is all we really have. It is where we access our infinite power and potential as co-creators in this infinite universe. I immediately practiced this “going deep inside” and feeling the “inner being.” I also practiced the art of nonresistance as an overlap as well.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! A great follow-up read would be his second book, A New Earth, which does a solid job expanding on the concepts introduced in The Power of Now, but with a deeper dive. The other focus is shedding light on humankind’s destiny and how we can accomplish oneness through love and compassion.


2. The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

    A great introduction to this amazing, yet under-appreciated natural law of the universe. It introduces the energy mechanics behind everything. Really a mind-blowing, perspective-shifting book. At times, it may feel a little uncomfortable due to convention. But it is worth shattering, I promise you. The book also offers insights to “the other side” and truths about our “inner being” or “higher selves.” I’ll admit, the Law of Attraction did not resonate with me right away but took a lot of time to both embrace and practice by way of trial and error. 😑

    One thing I know for certain is the spiritual journey is not linear in the time nor does it follow one straight, continuous line. It is interesting to me how sometimes the path guided upon loops and brings you right back down a path you started on years ago.

    Because nearly a decade later I’m diving back into Law of Attraction and understanding it and an even deeper level. I LOVE catching at least one episode a day from inspiring Abraham-Hicks channels on YouTube. Uhhhh the inspiration, love, and insights they share are so beautiful.

    How it served me: I felt like I got a fundamental course I should have received in grade school that directly plays a huge part in everyday living and co-creating my experience here on earth. It’s the link to fulfilling dreams. In essence, we create our worlds through our thoughts - SUPER helpful to know!!!


     The path isn't a straight line; it's a spiral. You continuously come back to the things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.  – Barry H. Gillespie


    3. Soul Truth by Sheila Gillette


    Loved. This. Book. So much in fact, that I read it twice!! I also got the privilege of having her at my church. Author and channel, Sheila Gillette spoke about the event that activated her abilities as a psychic medium. She also channeled the collective, called THEO through and went out into the audience to answer questions.

    But, back to the book. The entire book is just lovely….

    How this book served me:

    ...At this time in my life, I was hearing so many stories of inspiring near-death experiences that awakened individuals to the full realization of their psychic gifts. Probably because a part of me had a feeling deep down I had or have this capability in me somewhere. I’ve always been fascinated with how channeling works so it served up several courses to feed my appetite for soul food.

    It provides an introductory course to multiple dimensions (which already blew my mind) and the frequencies in which messages can be delivered by other beings in another dimension.(!!) The medium is essentially that - a conduit to receive the signals. They offer more insight into the mechanics behind this process in the book too. I appreciated how they really covered SO MANY topics on humanity, relationships, life after life on earth, love, health, diet, etc. that I really can’t speak to specifics. But just that this book opened me up and made this universe...or should I say multiverse, so much bigger. It also spoke lightly on the topic of Soul Integration. Which brings me to the next book in the list….


    4. Soul Integration by Sal Rachele

    First of all, I’ve seriously bought this book 6 times for myself - or others - and as I write this am currently missing my copy! It’s one of those books you can’t seem to keep a hold of before it finds itself in the possession of the next initiate on the quest. So I’ll do my best to recall the contents blindly. :)

    Densely packed with information and metaphysical topics, I’ve definitely read this book two times over and still feel like I could comb it again to pick up the extra pieces I missed.

    How this book served me:

    Ultimately, Soul Integration introduced me to the energetics behind spirituality as well as the ascension path.

    Warning: this is not a fluffy, heart-based, easy read like the ones that found me before this. No, this material dives into what I call a practical handbook of the cosmos. Explaining the levels of densities, different levels of dimensions and what beings take residency there, it takes on a multi-dimensional perspective. It educates on the different aspects of self--including how and why healing needs to occur to integrate all aspects of self. Author and channel, Sal Rachele transmits this high-level information through his twin flame and offers insights on everything you would want to ever know about a soul. From soul relationships and soul contracts to how souls are born or divided, he’s got you covered. He doesn’t leave out spirit guides and how to contact them.

    Ironically, the title lends name to the learning process I encountered. Due to the material being densely packed with information, at first pass stuff some of the concepts just flew straight over my head. I mean, it was kinda like going from nurturing pre-k nursery rhyme to a high school textbook. I had to put the book down a few times and just trust that the information would integrate into all aspects, in time. For the most part, I would find myself finally “clicking” with the information in a period shortly thereafter.

    If you find this is the case for you, I recommend reading the information in higher mind. Give permission to your higher self to integrate the ideas mentally when you’re able to safely handle them. To me, this scientifically-based information was the missing piece of my spiritual journey, playing a counterpart to the gentle, flowery introductory readings that it foreshadowed.


    5.Life on the Cutting Edge - Second Edition by Sal Rachele

    (Abstract title, but contains insightful information about the mechanics of the universe. Trust me.) 

    Friends, this book is heavvvvvvvvy and is a perfect extension of Soul Integration. Sal Rachele shoots off into deep space nine on a rocket ship on a much more advanced level. If you ever wanted to know an exact figure of how many souls are incarnated on earth, this book provides that.

    How this book has served me:

    To this day, I have not fully read each page cover-to-cover, but have personally reached more epiphanies from the material presented here than I have with any other book. (In all fairness, this could be because I am more open, primed and further along my journey now than I was then.)

    It was this book that showed me the perspective of energy in motion = e-motion….and....BOOM. Mind was blown. If The Power of Now was like a nursery school rhyme and Soul Integration like a high school textbook, then this is a college level exam book.

    Highly recommended if you want to gain a deeper understanding of all the energetics in the universe as it pertains to earth’s shift, humanity and the many aspects of the soul.

    If you decide to dive into the book and buy directly from the author's site, I just want to add one more little note. When you click on the link and land on a webpage that looks like a site from 1992...don’t freak out or click away! I promise it’s the actual site and that the beloved Sal Rachele maintains on his own. Full credit to him for championing that endeavor so we could access his work!)

    I sincerely hope this serves you well on your journey! What are your favorite books?!!

    Sharing is caring and we are ONE commUNITY. So please drop us a line below of your favorite spiritual reads and how they’ve served you. You never know if it will spark the light in another :)

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