Best of 2018 🎉

It’s funny to think this time last year I was marooned to my house having no working vehicle, frigid cold temps remained fixed on the forecast for weeks and winter storms shut everything down. Fun times! With little outreach to the outside world, I decided to take advantage of the downtime and charged myself with one lofty goal: to launch my shop website.

With support from a dear friend, lots of coffee and endless nights, the Star Seed shop was officially launched in January 2018 (sound the trumpets!!) to start the year strong! It was this big rushing moment, then my immediate next thought was, now for sales....🤔

What followed was my determination to grow this seedling and step into my soul purpose of serving others (and all the sacrifices that go with it).

With over 450 hrs spent on Star Seed this year alone, (let that simmer for a sec) it’s not a question of how much of my heart and soul is immersed in this brand and its mission. And what is that, you ask?

To inspire and empower the spiritual journey through inspirational content and unique apparel that speaks to the soul.

It only took me the better part of the year to succinctly form that one sentence (mission statements are harder than they look) but now it's here to stay for good and is a daily morning mantra. To follow that powerful statement, let’s take at how magical 2018 looked!!!


1. Hottest seller - Sacred Geometry Leggings

Star Seed’s Sacred Geometry leggings continue to be our hottest seller. High-waisted and super comfy! I don’t put anything in the shop I wouldn’t personally wear and style so I’m glad you all are loving them!!

At the time I created them I knew I wanted to expand into yoga pants and didn’t want to create just any type of design. I wanted to raise vibrations and affect people in a positive way. Inspired by the sacred geometry rabbit hole I went down at the time I was interested in how it can influence your energy field. The idea came to line sacred geometry symbols down the side in hopes it helps to bring your energy field into alignment (this is not a proven claim though - just good intent 😉).



>> Shop them here!


2. Most Fun - Sticker Vote

Who doesn’t love stickers?!?! When I decided to add stickers to the shop and realized there was no way I could make the decision from all the options in front of me, I turned to you.

This was the most fun, fulfilling and engaging post. It turned into the first ever sticker collection to debut in the Star Seed shop - and I have you to thank! These gems serve as a daily reminder when you’re trying to check your thoughts and help stay elevated in your vibe. They also add a little jazz to your workspaces. Thank you all for your votes!! There will be MANY more product polls like these to come. Always love hearing from you!!


>> Check out the full sticker collection here. Collect them all!! They also make great gifts to uplift and empower a friend. 


3. Top Post - Reawaken to the Love Within

The idea for this post was sparked by the super blue blood moon + lunar eclipse back in Jan 2018. WOW. What a powerful event for the cosmos - maybe some of that powerful energy transferred into the magic of this post!

With nearly 300 likes and 100 shares, it continues to be our most engaged Facebook post (close to 700 engagements in total!). Serioulsy, 100 shares blows my mind. I couldn’t be more grateful and am SUPER over the moon for everyone spreading the love.


4. Top Blog Post - Welcome to the Tribe

This post is near and dear to my heart and saw the most visits. If you haven’t already given it a read, I’d love for you to check it out! I talk about Star Seed’s mission to inspire and empower, to advocate for UNITY upon this planet and the vision to cultivate a collaborative commUNITY of beautiful souls like you.

🎬BEHIND THE SCENES - a look back at our beautiful shoot in the Smokey Mountains in TN. 

We like to be ourselves here at Star Seed - that brings with it a lot of laughter in our photo shoots. 😹Check out these behind-the-scenes photos!!

We were staying at a cute Airbnb cabin in the Smokey Mountains of TN for the weekend and had such great views, gorgeous fall weather, and good times. That flower crown was a total impromptu situation.


5. Podcast Debut - “Love and Let Go”

You know how I said in a recent post that 2018 was quite a ride...

Well, 2017 had it's own unique flavor and challenges that ultimately paved the road to where I'm at today. It was probably my most “transformative” year and this podcast really uncovers the layers of my journey through a divorce, a job situation that became unbearable and how I took a major leap of faith.

All this hardship led me to freedom and to an awakening. To discovering my soul purpose and a rediscovery who I really am. That’s when I dreamed up Star Seed - or rather, it was revealed to me...tune in to find more about that journey!

Don’t laugh - it was my first ever podcast (LOL) I will say it was rewarding in allowing me to conquer some of my own fears. I faced the horrors of public speaking in hopes my message would help others out there who can relate and who can take something from it. I hope you like it!


>> Listen to it by clicking here. I mention a couple little nuggets of wisdom in there that helped me through hard times. Hope it may help you someday. ;)


6. Most Magical - Synchronicity Party

As my mind was running through the year, a special series of events which helped me personally and touched the lives of others had surfaced. 

It involves a ripple effect of synchronicities that play out over several weeks and crossed paths with a popular Podcast series. If you're into all that kind of stuff, read on to my recap! 

Have you ever heard of the Positive Heads podcast? I regularly tune into them and highly recommend their series for spiritual development. Brandon, the host, always remarks about how he has a special fondness for synchronicities and how he also loves the iTunes reviews from his listeners.

At no surprise, when I tuned into the latest episode it related a lot to what I was going through. It doesn’t stop there. The quotes and music he referenced I too had come across within that time 🤯. It was just craziness so I didn’t hesitate to write in a review.

Here’s a snippet of it: (It’s long because there were so many to mention!)

….As I was tuning in to today's episode (The Path is the Goal) I was hit with multiple. First, I've been going through a lot of pain and depression after dealing with an epic set back that was out of my control. You said, "here comes the rain" and wouldn't you know it - it's been rainy all week here in Nashville. The sky mimicking my mood. Second, your Jim Carey quote about depression spoke to me and also aligned with a video I was called to do on my IG page (@starseed_tribe) yesterday. I talked about how we get cues from our bodies that let us where we're at in alignment with our true self / higher self. Thirdly, I also read that same TUT quote yesterday in my inbox, ha! Fourth in line, as I was shuffling about getting ready this morning, I heard my inner voice say, "It's about the journey. You're not heading any-WHERE. This is not linear. So just enjoy it as it comes." Which is basically the theme of this episode. And now to conclude this powerful synchronistic train, the Modest Mouse song, "Float On" popped in my head yesterday as I was searching for solace. You beautifully ended your episode saying, "...we're floating along like musical notes..." Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking to my soul and helping me to "dance in the rain." I really needed to hear the perspective that it doesn't always matter what the outcome its. Success is not measured in this case by tangible things. The success for me personally was that I went all in, gave my all, overcame SO MANY challenges, [and] stepped into my power...I was meant to go through the experience and will, as you said, have people high-fiving me at the end for going through this wild, crazy-beautiful ride.

Brandon ended up connecting with me via IG with this:


It definitely was comforting to feel his support and I was humbled by this connection.

He then read my review in the next episode he called, Float On with Synchronicity Ripples (Skip to about 7:40 if you just want to get to that segment.)

It was overheard by a friend here in Nashville who immediately reached out to me. Through reconnecting, we ended up initiating a cozy bonfire hang with sweet friends to take place within a couple weeks. We joked that it was a synchronicity party :) The bonfire was a success in filling my backyard with friends along with their little ones and even furry friends. Playing with them reminding me to find the joy in the present. Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without open soulful talks around the campfire (my fave). I truly felt that all who came had genuinely enjoyed themselves.

So, following the bonfire, my friend then wrote in a review to Positive Head as well...and well, you know where this is going.

The ripple that cast outward seemed to touch light more and more, leaving a positive impact and connecting people in its wake. It was fascinating to watch and an honor to be connected to. Essentially transmuting a dark depressing period for me into some beautiful sparks of light.

The mysterious ways this universe operates is magical, I tell you.

That was too good to mention. Doesn’t get much better than that, y’all.

If you want to check out those blog posts I mentioned earlier about my experience with depression, here they are!

>> A Fallen Star (P1)
>> Rise Through the Fall (P2)


7. Best Story Series - Got my mind on my mantra, and my mantra on my mind.

In 2018, I released a new story series called #MantraMonday because staying positive and aligned with your higher self as opposed to ego is a...Constant. Daily. Struggle. Er, I mean conscious effort. :)

Whether you call them affirmations, intentions or mantras, I share them because they are essential for maintaining your personal vibration in alignment with you really are. They serve as building blocks for manifestation. For me personally, if I don’t check myself before I wreck myself I feel like I’m floating around in the universe all willy-nilly or getting caught up in darkness and illusion. Mantras help me ground me, claim my power back as a deliberate co-creative being, and empower me to put the right vibe out there in the universe.

This year I shared over 18 mantras + sent 2 personalized mantras by request!!!! That’s amazing to think of the positivity it put out there and hope some of them have helped you!

Here are just a few to recap. This third one is the very first one I say to myself the instant I awake. Gotta wake up with an attitude of gratitude!!



>> Catch the next #mondaymantra on my IG Story or catch a glimpse of some of the best here

Bonus: they're free to use as wallpapers!! 


8. New in Shop - 8 Fresh Releases

Look at all these beauts 👏. Here is a small sampling of what we released in 2018!!!! (I figured you didn't want me to post half of the shop website.)

I LOVEEEEE concepting new pieces and carefully considering everything down to its message. With the apparel collections, I take even more time to consider silhouette, (like our high-waisted yoga pants) fabric, texture and my favorite...special effects (like glow-in-the-dark as seen on the mens Light Tribe shirt).

It was a dream come true to finally afford the production of holographic foil on that Light Tribe festival tank. I may have cried a little. ;)

Seeing these come to life and being worn by you is the ultimate dream come true though. It gives me allllllllll the feels. 

I appreciate your input too and can’t thank you enough for being part of the creative process. I’m always receptive to ideas, so don’t ever hesitate to write me a line.


 >> Get our high-vibe shirts, leggings, and stickers here!


WOW. What. A. Year.

Before closing, I wanted to reflect on ways that building this brand and serving the community has allowed me personally to grow along my journey.

I’m not sure I've shared this yet but I work 2+ other jobs while also growing this business (please forgive any lapses in posts!) So, I’m proud of the things I’ve been able to learn and accomplish with such divided attention and chaos at times LOL.

Star Seed is and always will be my heart, my passion, and so many ways; my soul.

1. Digital marketing - how to be strategic and think like a marketer. I think I'm finally understanding what a sales funnel is .😂Took a WHILE and there’s still some experimenting LOL.

2. Socials - Yo. Instagramming is no joke and I'll say it's deceptively time-consuming. To add to that, I try to be very thoughtful and intentional with my posts. So this was an area I am constantly growing in but I look forward to your comments and feedback every time!! I also love the platform FB and IG allows for Star Seed to spread the light and connect with other tribe members. 

3. All of the things - Reality check: it takes a lot to run a lifestyle e-commerce brand. I had no idea I had the capacity to wear all the hats that I need to keep the momentum going. Even though as a brand designer by trade I’ve helped grow other businesses over the years, I had no idea the amount of work it would take for me! Sheesh. I think one day I ran down a list of 20+ roles I assume at any given moment. HA! All of it is worth it though because I feel like I’ve finally got this rocket launched off the ground - and it sends chills down my body and waters my eyes as I type these words. Thank you.


🎬BEHIND THE SCENES - a look back at product and lifestyle shoots all taken at Star Seed Studio...aka my living room and backyard. So grateful for this gorgeous space I prayed about for years and so grateful for these radiant, beautiful souls I get to call my dear friends!!  


Thank you for making this year a record year. For journeying with me, showing your vulnerability and trusting me.

In the next post, I can’t wait to share with you ideas I have for the coming year. 2019 here we go …


>> In the meantime, if you’re looking for ways to support me, please "like" our FB page and follow @starseed_tribe on IG or subscribe to our upcoming newsletter.

One more thing, please, please spread the love and be sure to share Star Seed with your friends. All are welcome to the tribe! 

Passing along blessings of love, joy, happiness, and abundance to you.

In Love and Oneness,

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