Best of 2019 ūüéČ

Wow, what a year 2019 was, y'all. BLESS!

Collaborations, product line expansions, new collections, a podcast interview, and taking Star Seed on a global scale, we've covered a lot of ground for one year. This magical trip around the sun has been a journey filled with many tests, triumphs, tears, treasures, and tenacity. 

Before we travel back to last year I want to sincerely thank each one of you. You're the Star Seed tribe that makes up this amazing community and I couldn't do this without you. I want to extend a special thank you to all of the Star Seed customers that supported this little shop. With every order, I celebrate with breaking into a little happy dance (I call it my gratitude dance) that puts a big, fat smile on my face because it truly makes my day. I want you to know how much it means to me, that I remember your names, and that I send each of you on this list so much love.



Miao,¬†Rashaun FelicienūüíěūüĆ≥ūüĆ≥, Elaisha Pettway, Zoe-Anna Bell¬†ūüĆ≥, Laura Ellingsworth¬†ūüĆ≥, Jill MacDonald¬†ūüĆ≥, Mark Codeiro, Jay Patel, Moira Cameronūüá¶ūüáļ, Alyssa RussellūüĆ≥, Briya Leung, Chelsey Anderson, Amber Holm, Olivia Cramblit, Breana Martin, Jacob Odmark, and Noe Lopez....y'all are amazing!!

ūüíěRepeat customer - Special shouts to Rashaun for being a repeat customer (love you, man!!)
ūüĆ≥Tree donors - Extra thanks to those who played a part in positively impacting this amazing planet with your donations to One Tree Planted!!
ūüá¶ūüáļ First Int‚Äôl customer (shout out to Moira C. in Australia!!)
ūüõćÔłŹThere¬†were¬†some in-person sales I wasn't able to capture in my report due to a technical glitch, but I remember each one of you and appreciate you all the same!!)¬†




Okay...let's get back to the 2019 recap. You may want to buckle up for this fast ride.

Just as I marked the words for 2019 was going to be all about  E X P A N S I O N , there was no mistake on that prediction. Both business and soul growth. Around this time last year, I said we'd do the following: Offer extended (plus) sizes, start an e-newsletter, collaborate with other conscious-shifting people in the community, and teased the release of new collections featuring textures.

To my surprise, all of those have been checked off within the first 6 months!! With just one outlier that didn't make the cut: the newsletter. I poured 422 hours into this brand in 2019 alone, doubling 2018, and am humbled by the progress you sometimes aren't privy to until you stop and reflect. As for the newsletter, I have been taking due time to strategize what content I want to deliver. As a designer who spent some years in email marketing, I'm careful not to make it all about product and instead about you. I have some ideas I will expand upon but we'll get to 2020 dreams in a sec. Let's take a quick lap around 2019 to see how far we've come. 

‚ąö Plus size expansion - shirts and leggings, men and women.

‚ąö Eco-friendly & Sweatshop-free - Probably two of my proudest pillars¬†of product values to tack on our shop's virtual walls. I'm all about¬†promoting a¬†world that is good to its people and good to the planet, sweet mother Gaia. These values of integrity¬†set a new business standard for Star Seed and our product offerings.

By backing a virtually zero-waste manufacturer, running my business remotely (minimizing carbon footprint), and not contributing to unethical labor environments makes a strong connection to ideals I support personally and am glad to support in my business. 

‚ąö Star Seed Global - As some of you who have been following me from day 1 may know, another prominent message we drive¬†here is unity. So it only made sense to expand my reach across the globe as well - to all. This also falls under the umbrella of offering plus sizes so no one is excluded from expressing their spirituality through clothes, stickers, etc. With a new partnership formed, I began¬†offering worldwide shipping in the¬†summer of 2019, preluding my trip abroad.

Star Seed is proud to have covered Canada, Germany, Thailand, and Australia in 2019. It is exciting to see how our global community is growing!!

I then set out to travel the world in June to gain endless inspiration and appreciation of other cultures. There was, of course, a spiritual mission behind it I hope to one day share, but for now, I'll just say it was my heart that was pulled me out from my deep roots in Nashville to step into the whirlwind, wonder, and sometimes weary journey across different parts of this beautiful planet.

Making a positive impact is my driving force behind the trip. I'm grateful for all of the deep connections I made with my travel group, travel guides/leaders, and for the communities I got to serve through volunteer work. If given the opportunity, I would do more in a heartbeat. I'm also grateful for all of the support in the Star Seed tribe including international customers gained along the way (special nod to Miao!!) The story of travel is far from over. A sampling of those moments are shared (and continue to be shared) via my IG Stories. I also did a couple of blog posts if you want to take a look back at it!

San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru - Playing out in the yard with the Star Kids. (Photo by Cyndie Burkheart)

San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru - It was a full day of service and love with Make A Miracle foundation.
Hanoi, Vietnam - A casual Sunday stroll in the park turned into speaking English with these cuties.

Mexico City, Mexico - Put in some volunteer time and some steps walking my new furry friend. 


In 2019, my travels took me to 7 amazing countries as well as the beautiful state of¬†Alaska. While I know AK is technically in the USA it tends to feel completely different from the rest of the lower 48 states.¬†From its untouched wild to¬†the unique position and relationship with¬†the sun‚ÄĒeven having its very own timezone! It sort of feels like another world to me.

Traveling is far from over from here, so stay tuned!!


Collaborations!! - Definitely hit a big checkmark here with some great collaborations within the spiritual community and other Starseeds. Did you tune in to the IG Live's on Sundays?




New Product Collections - With the release of Spring/Summer apparel collection, I introduced some new, cool effects such as embroidery and a gorgeous color palette of pastel colors and jewel tones. We also added some fun accessories like coasters and sacred geometry stickers.

As for the newsletter...well this is still on the horizon and is a high priority for 2020 so be sure to subscribe to our emails now and keep a lookout!!

Truth be told, it's not something I want to dive into the deep end or take lightly. I want to put solid thought and intention into what I deliver but you can always bet it will have one purpose: to inspire and empower the spiritual journey through higher wisdom and unique apparel that speaks to the soul.

But let's roll the tape and take a quick ride down memory lane with a few highlights that made 2019 special.


1. Hottest seller - Our Sacred Geometry Leggings

The Sacred Geometry Leggings take the crown for the second year in a row! Runners up that tied from our apparel collections: One Love Hoodie and Meditation Tee for Men.


2. Top sticker - Seed of Life: Egg sticker

I have to admit this one shocked me. I would have thought the Flower of Life sticker for the win due to its prominence and popular familiarity.

3. Most inspiring collaboration - Star Seed x Adara

Nashville-based EDM music artist, Adara wanted to release her new hit Single, Alien in a meaningful way by collaborating with local creatives who share a common thread: spreading positivity. We have more in common than our love for holographic foil and space themes which remind us of "home." We wanted to highlight the impact fashion can make upon the world that serves to do good and connect with people on a deeper, emotional and even soul-level.

Here's a look back to our recording last spring featuring Adara's sparkly space backdrop on a FB LIVE: The Positive Impact Fashion Can Make.

Thankfully I've gotten more comfortable in front of the camera since then¬†ūüôąūüėā

Some inspirational soundbites:
‚ú®"Things happen for you, not to you..."
‚ú®"Everyone likes to hear they're doing a good job and that they're loved..."
ūüé∂¬†Adara sings acapella her new song, Alien!! Worth a listen, Star Seeds!! (at 58:45)

To check it out click here!!



4. Positive Head Podcast

Nothing makes me happier than getting on the airwaves to co-create with soul fam and to share words of wisdom that we hope serves others along there journey. It's always an honor to collaborate with the amazing souls at the Positive Head podcast, and this interview was nothing short of fun. Each year I've made mention of Positive Head, from the podcast being my favorite way to expand consciousness and get into high vibes. To having synchronicities that entangle us...and continue to even as I type in light of that ripple boomeranging back around again. I was more than thrilled when I was asked to be interviewed for a segment they dedicate to highlighting the Positive Head Posse community members, giving us a spotlight to share our journey. 


Amazingly, co-host Alexa Houser together with a friend had created a clothing company once upon a time so as you can imagine we had a lot to chat about! Particularly on how words and images give off a vibration, so what if you could infuse clothing with positive, loving energy. Well, that was exactly my intention behind Star Seed. We also got on the topic of unity, to which I had this analogy to bring forward from spirit:

"We are so prone to think [change] starts from the top-level, down. Think of unity and oneness as a tree ‚ÄĒ that new earth that we can ascend to. Radical shifts such as this I believe it has to start with us individually on a soul level. And as the seeds. As seeds that plant the tree at ground level. The seeds then sprout the roots - the most vital aspect for the growth of the tree to grow upward. We are those roots. We are the roots. A tree relies on this elaborate network deep beneath to stimulate its growth and provide strength to stand tall. So that from there it will continue to manifest, form, and expand upon these strong roots that support it deep down. From there new branches extend outward which spawn new branches that sprout new buds‚Ķmaybe even blossom into flowers. Finally, you have this beautiful unity tree that I picture in my mind's eye as fully bloomed, beautiful and luminescent almost with a strong network that comes together that supports the tree."

If you would like to give it a listen, click here.


5. Environmental Impact

Thanks to the generous support of our customers 5 trees planted through our amazing partner One Tree Planted [link]. That may not seem like a lot but I will tell you, the future ecosystems that will thrive on those 5 trees will be happy they are there. Since I had only made this option available halfway through the year, I am confident we will shatter that number this year. 



With that perfect segway, let's get right into 2020...

This year for me personally is all about stepping out, aligning with my destiny, and fulfilling the guide and teacher role of my soul purpose.

>> Click here to find out what's to come as I share deep secrets I've kept under surface about my journey as a Starseed and what is to come for 2020. It may be far different and valuable from what you expect for an apparel brand :)



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