Facets of Self: A Prelude to 2020


There are many facets of self. Some you discover as you journey along this experience we call life. While others wait to emerge, remaining hidden in depths of your soul waiting for the right time to step through. Waiting for you to be ready.

2020 is about emerging. It is already pulling me to step into my highest potential in every way: business, leadership, time management, discipline, content creation, design, abundance, teaching, public speaking, intuition, and more.

Coming out from being a "behind-the-scenes" girl to the "stage." These changes are received from me with excitement and much preparation along with a sense I've been waiting many lifetimes for this.

As I reflect on the seeds I've planted and look into the future, I know I will be fulfilled in my work. I have begun spiritual coaching—which was a bit surprising for me coming from a design background I'll have to admit. But it had turned out to be a very rewarding experience that brought a while new level of expansion for me in seeing the value I can bring who choose to work with me.

Charting new territory can bring with it self-doubt and lots of worry. Should I do this? What serves my greatest highest good, as well as the higher good of others? 

Though more questions than answers pour in I know I need to face my true north and allow the universe to co-create while being unattached to the outcome. Easy, right!??

To get to this point involved a mutation and a process of letting go, allowing new aspects of self to emerge was not easy and it is still unfolding in my journey. A part of my story I hope to share with you one day. However, I always stand grateful here in the present moment...and for all that I've accomplished.

I hope you take this moment right here, right now to do the same. To look into the mirror (literally) at yourself directly and in the eyes and say, "I'm proud of you." Especially if you live a hectic life on the go. It's in these quiet moments of reflection we get to appreciate the journey for what it is. Instead of measuring success by an outcome alone.

A long-standing favorite quote of mine since a friend introduced it to me sums it up perfectly. And that is this:


"The prize is in the process."

—Baron Baptiste


Going back to the many facets of self, I've always fondly liked the shot above (cover photo) taken from a promo video we shot last summer. As a brand designer, when I was dreaming up Star Seed and bringing it to life during the brand development phase, (my favorite part of the branding process, actually) I was drawn to fractals in photography. I marked it in stone that this effect would be a foundation for our stylistic photos. However, didn't realize until this moment why I knew it was a good fit. 

You may have heard how we are all fractals of Source / God / Creator of all things. When I look at this photo, I can see from the outside in how I'm a fractal, along with you, the trees, animals, all of creation...in this universe and many more.

In this macro perspective I can appreciate how precious it is to have the gift of life. This sentiment is beautiful and touching, but yet deeper than that. As eyes form with mist, it's almost as if I'm looking at myself from Source's eyes and to get a rare glimpse of appreciation in all the aspects of self as well: past, present, future, good, bad, and all. With that, a wave of love washes over me with gratitude and tears well up in my eyes. I needed this. What a beautiful reflection in this moment. The perfect visual metaphor and reminder that taking time to reflect is nourishing to the soul. Especially in a society that values the aspect of "doing" over "being." 

As I step into new, becoming roles I want to thank you for being here and part of this amazing #starseedtribe commUNITY. Your presence is felt  and your voice is heard by me. As always, I am grateful for you trusting me to provide inspirational content to help empower you with perspective along your spiritual journey. 

Do you have any new projects emerging? Or new directions you're heading for 2020?? Let me know in the comments below.

If you would be interested in working with me—collabs, branding, websites, spiritual content co-creations, to simply say hi or follow any nudges your intuition is guiding you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd be happy to connect!! 💌 shop.starseed@gmail.com



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