Magical Rainbow Tie-Dye Shirt: Unconditional Love & Soul Lessons

"The prize is in the process."

—Baron Baptise


I am obsessed with this beautiful masterpiece by @theaderene who transformed the "white canvas" of our special embroidered Unconditional Love tee into magic.✨

Below are her words about this transformational journey as well as how-to tips to create one of your very own!!




(Written by @theaderene)


"I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love."

When I first saw those words on the shirt I knew it was a winner. Not a winner in the sense of monetary value but strong in spiritual value. I was staring at a blank canvas. Little did I know that this "canvas'' would be a lesson coming at the perfect moment to remind me of a journey that's been unfolding for a couple of years now.

The lesson I am referring to is the unhealthy and unrealistic need to be perfect. It's a harsh way to move through life and I had suffered from its crippling effects since adolescence. Within the past three years, I have made it a mission to really start doing some soul work to change the behavior.

So, back to the shirt with the amazing mantra...

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to personalize it and that tie-dye would be the perfect—there's that word again...let's use great instead—medium to explore. Now, I'm no stranger to tie-dye but it had been a while and I had never used fabric markers in the process nor had I literally tied a shirt as opposed to securing it with rubber bands. But different is good, right?

So I take the markers to the fabric. Hmmmm...they seem a bit dry, but okay. I proceed with coloring. Then, I dowse the colors in alcohol with the intention of having it spread the colors. Then I wait...



The color was quarantined to a small section of the shirt. What was I going to do? There was no do-over. No second shirt. Noooooooooooooooo!




Normally this is the part where I would fall apart, making myself sick with the internal taunting of failure at hand. Instead, I took a big deep breath decided to step away, telling myself I would fix it later. Everything would be okay.

Then the next day, something amazing happened—the moment of enlightenment. Watercolors! With renewed excitement, I grabbed the dry shirt, retied it and began painting.

After the paint (then later, bleach) had been set and washed, the final project was exactly as it was meant to be. I was thrilled with the results but decided to take it further with some embroidery detailing. 

With each stitch I repeated that mantra, ''I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love," over and over and over.




Surrender had triumphed over frustration and anger. In surrendering, the universe had provided the answer because I was ready to listen. Negative emotions block positivity and the key to changing anything is attitude. When the heart is open, your attitude is aligned, your intent is positive and then magic happens!


Could it be that I had won over perfectionism that day? Absolutely! One of the greatest treasures is the lessons learned within the simplicities of everyday life. Mine just came in the form of a t-shirt mishap.



How to create your own magical rainbow tie-dye shirt

If you would like to make your own dye using watercolor, here is what I did...

You'll want to have a plastic container for each color you plan on using. Disposable is best unless you already have containers designated for craft purposes only.



These are the general steps to follow: 

1. Squeeze around a quarter-to-half-dollar-size amount of paint into each cup or container. This is just a suggestion. You might find that you want to use more or less water or paint.

2. Add about 1/2 cup of water to each container and stir until paint is dissolved.

3. Make sure that your shirt is damp so the paint can spread evenly. Then proceed to tie your shirt into your preferred design. A quick search online will provide you with an array of inspirational designs along with tutorials. Or wing it and surrender completely to the process. Great work comes out of both approaches. :)

4. Begin painting!

5. Once finished, I wrapped my shirt in saran wrap and heated it in the microwave for 5 minutes, making sure to stop and open the door at each 1-minute interval. This helps to set the paint. Be careful when removing your shirt as it will be extremely hot.

6. Once cooled, you'll want to wash your shirt by hand so you can visibly check for any color bleeding.


PRO TIP: As a final tip to leave you with, if you would like a little more guidance with the traditional tie-dying process, there are endless videos on YouTube that will walk through the process, step-by-step.

Happy creating!!

–Alyssa @theaderene

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