C O N S C I E N T I O U S N E S S — A Message from G A I A

Dear loves, Gaia has been speaking to us individually and collectively through our hearts and minds. She's been trying to serve us a gentle reminder that she needs our help. Have you noticed an extra sensitivity around environmental consciousness lately? I know I personally have been getting visions of oceanic trash affecting marine wildlife in detrimental ways. Excess landfill waste rotting the deep bellows of earth's soil and polluting the air. Enough to make me sick to my stomach.

Know that she does not do this to shame us but to bring it to our awareness so we can be empowered with truth and take inspired action in whatever direction we're called to serve. Many of us came here to help her and volunteer our assistance with the transformation. Many have come forward already and many more are waking up to their call.

With that, I want to bring forward this message from Mother Gaia (via Rachel Burnett).⁣

"I have a message that I would like to deliver to all the hearts that are willing to hear it. All of you are part of me. It is a great honor to be a host for you and I desire to give you all that you desire for yourselves.⁣

[Images of dying marine life, dirty oceans, deforestation, and trash everywhere...]⁣

We must work together. This journey of ascension is not only applicable to you but to every living thing that exists within me. You have been hearing more about the beings living within me (these inner earth beings). Do you know what a gift it is to live on the outer earth? To walk freely amongst the trees, flowers, wildlife...to see, feel, and experience the connection that comes from the heavens in such a direct way? And yet it is a unique experience to outer earth. It is different in inner earth. You are the bridge between these two seemingly different worlds.⁣

You have come flip things inside out.⁣ From the inside, you will begin to see the outside. As above, so below. It is all the same. Be the conscious connector and creator you were meant to be. You may ask yourself, how do I connect with the inner earth? And to that I say, why do you want to connect? Is it for healing, rejuvenation, bringing forth for your unique light and knowledge as an energetic exchange? A heart to heart connection with me, Gaia? Be clear on your intention and consider it done.

As much as I love to connect with you in this way please also know you have some big jobs / clean up to do on the surface.⁣ I come forth with a request, please help to keep me clean in whatever way possible. I am your host and I wish to be the most hospitable host for you. If you were invited to someones home how would you treat it?"

There you have it. A direct message from Gaia herself to remind us we are all connected and we have to embody our truths. I don't know about you, but that made me a little sad and activated at the same time.  

In what ways can you "level up" your environmental stewardship? What areas do you feel called to serve? 

Despite outward impressions, recycling has gone down drastically the past few years but we all play a part by our daily actions to reverse our consumer waste upon sweet, loving Gaia.

I spent my only free hour for the week picking up trash last week instead of getting groceries for myself. Mother Earth has been serving us for eons without asking anything in return so I just felt she needed more love than I needed to worry about my next meal.⁣⁣

In my opinion, plastic and styrofoam (which is NOT biodegradable at all!!) should be banned from existence. Period. Plastic waste is the highest rate in consumer trash and yet it takes up to 1000 years to decompose and there are alternatives out there already.

Speaking very candidly, we're better than this and smarter than this as a collective to continue to allow this perpetuating our future. As a businesswoman myself, I do understand the cost increases this proposes onto businesses. But if we work together there are always solutions to offset this cost—like tax breaks for example.

I hope this post has served as a gentle housekeeping reminder that we are guests upon this vibrant, abundant, live being that provides everything we need for our existence and more. Whose beauty and diversity amaze us and take our breath away.

May this message empower you to take action in any and all areas you feel called to help and initiate change for the greater good of ALL BEINGS here on earth.

Passing along blessings of love, joy, happiness, and abundance to you.

In Love and Oneness,


Channeled Message via Rachel Burnett ▶️YouTube: Sensitive Souls]⁣
Artist: Catherine Nelson 🌎www.catherinenelson.com⁣

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