Trust in Your Higher Self to Run the Show

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"US" = You + Your Higher Self.

Be in collaboration with your higher self/inner being and trust the guidance she/he is giving you.

"Terisa!! You can TRUST us. We won't let you down."

Those are the powerful words delivered to me from my higher self in the middle of a medial task that pierced through the veil, like lightning in a storm.

It struck through my entire being and hugged my heart in comfort, welling a release of tears in my eyes. I knew what I needed to do.

Like many of you, I've been through a rollercoaster recently being out of work as a freelancer plus launching a new arm of my business here at Star Seed. So, there's been nothing but uncertainty at every turn.

My higher self was begging me to let go of convention and of trying the "traditional" routes. My higher self was begging me to let go of the reins and to rein her in completely.

"My higher self can run my business," I said in response with newfound hope and discovery. I trust her completely.

She loves me unconditionally and knows what's in alignment for me. She knows what I came here to do. She knows what's in my vortex and what gifts I have to share with the world. She sees from the highest vantage point of things I can't from my line of sight and can guide us along the highest timeline.

Why wouldn't I allow her to take the driver seat and steer us in the path that leads to my highest good and the highest level of service?

At that moment I felt a rush of relief and all fear and worry dissipated.

I needed to get out of my own way.

Though I may wobble back and forth at first, I have clear conviction in my trust and know I can never be let down by trusting in the higher aspects of my self.

The very next day I did a meditation to calm down my ego and to initiate full integration of my higher self. This is the predestined time to come into integration I knew would take place in this ascension journey. I have been training for this. I've been doing the inner work and healing for years to lead up to this moment. Simply put...



I'm sharing this powerful turning point in my soul journey in hopes it inspires the same within you if you've been feeling the soul nudges. The whispers of an invitation for your human mind to let go of "running the show."

We're ascending into a higher level of consciousness where the old convention of operating from a 3D mindset alone and only accessing our higher self at certain times just isn't in resonance anymore. We're graduating to the next level and birthing higher aspects to come through and lead the way into more joy, purpose, bliss, love, passion, service, magic, and so much more.

Perhaps if you're reading this you needed to hear this message. Maybe your soul is calling you to take a step back and to surrender to the trust. Your inner being ad direct link to Source/God/Higher Power with access to infinite knowledge and wisdom is saying to you, "It's okay. I won't let down."

If you're saying, Yes! I want to and feel guided to take this step! Then I would be happy to offer a guided meditation that I used to initiate the change of "drivers" if you will. Please drop a "YES" in the comment box below.

I hope this resonates with you and serves you well!!

In Love and Oneness,


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