Tree of Life

Infuse serenity and balance into your living space with our exquisite Crystal Tree of Life collection. These beautifully decorated, handmade multistone copper bonsai trees add a splash of color to any room, while also absorbing negative energy. Each tree, a work of art and intention, resonates with the Tree of Life's deep-rooted symbolism across various traditions, offering both a visually stunning centerpiece and a conduit for harmonious energy in your home. Keep your space buzzing with vibrancy, joy, and love by shopping the tree of life collection.


Premium products only

Our intention is to have only products of the highest quality. So each of our products is handpicked and well tested. Instead of selling everything we only sell products that we like ourselves.

We care about you

You are important to us and we want the best for you because we know that there is no separation. That is why we give you a one year warranty on all our products and a 30 days money back guarantee.

We Give back

We are aware of our responsibility towards mother earth and every living being on her. This is the reason why we give 5% of our monthly profit back to different charity organisations.