Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive Oracle Card Readings

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Open up a portal into your soul. Get the clarity and guidance you need.


How it works:
You are the oracle. In collaboration with Spirit, I act as a medium and facilitator of the reading to bring through messages that guide you to the next steps forward on your path. As an intuitive guide, I channel higher wisdom in connection with the reading so you can receive a personalized message.

These readings are light-hearted, inspiring and a fun way to move past some roadblocks!!

You will leave feeling inspired and with tools to take with you on your next steps forward.

Good for:

  • Getting guidance on who you truly are
  • Connect with the wisdom of your higher self + guides
  • Getting unstuck. Answers to bring you back into alignment.
  • Soul feedback on where you’re at in your journey
  • Shining light on what is ahead for you in your journey
  • Seeing beyond your blind spots by delivering "what you may need to know" messages
  • Deepening your connection with your soul


  • Soul whispers
  • Deeper insights into your soul/Starseed origins, past lives, other beings in resonance with you
  • Soul callings to service
  • Confirmation on soul gifts


Why I love doing this: 

"Recently, I had an oracle reading with Terisa and it was an absolutely marvelous time. She was very professional and very personable, which is not something you always find. The entire session came from the heart, it was genuine. One of the best parts was that there was more discussion about what all of the cards came to mean, instead of just being told what was expected, Terisa guided me forward on this journey without saying there were wrong or right answers. I have only been searching for a little bit of time compared to most, a few months at best, but I can safely say that so much of my personal fire is roaring now because of these sessions and the general friendliness and personability that Terisa provides. This isn’t a financial transaction, it’s delving into a spiritual past, present, and future."

- Thomas B.  (April, 2020) 

It was great!  I loved it. I understand that you were able to confirm many things...So much made sense to me. Thankful! 

Omg! I’m sooooooo grateful!! 

- Dina Z (April, 2020)


Book Your Reading

  • This reading is done via Zoom (video call)
  • It is 100% about you so I take good care in setting up sacred space and preparation before each reading.
  • After your purchase, I reach out to get your questions and see what areas you're feeling stuck.
  • In addition to your Q's, we'll leave plenty of space for Spirit to co-create magic with us.
  • Readings are done Mondays and Wednesdays


Oracle vs Tarot:

Think internal shifts (outer world reflects the inner world) vs predictions as offered in tarot

Empowered by your internal authority (by accessing your inner source) vs being told who you are and what is to transpire in your life via external sources.


Example readings:

2-Card Soul Whispers / Daily Guidance
What whispers can we take into action. Daily spiritual practice

3-Card Fated Life vs Destined Life
Call of ego, soul, leap/challenge/action you're being called to take

5-Card Star Origins
Who you are as a soul and what you came here to do.
Soul gift, Karmic wound, Life lesson, Current Obstacle, Soul calling

6-Card Guidance (where feeling stuck in a specific area)
Bigger picture to a specific area of your life to focus on and provides grounded action


I'd love to support you in your journey so you can come into alignment with your highest good. Book your reading today!!