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Discover a unique collection of exquisite spiritual items for your home and your life. From bracelets to incense holders to wall hangings, each is carefully chosen to infuse your life with love, light, and positive energy. Explore our selection and enrich your spiritual journey with joy, serenity, and abundance.

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Handcrafted jewelry to empower you and protect you from negative energy
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Home Decor

Create yourself a sanctuary, that nurtures your soul.
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Simple Elegance :)

Amethyst Tree of Life = simple elegance. It's the decor upgrade my space needed. 👌

Spiritual Haven – Amethyst Tree of Life
Jordan K.

Soooo beautiful!

I got it as a gift for my nephew who is graduating from high school and he's over the moon (pun intended) with it! it works perfectly and it looks like the real moon! It is a joy to watch it rotate and glow. Shipping was super fast too; it arrived after 9 days. Highly recommend the product and the store.

LunaWave – Levitating Moon Lamp
Hector Harris

My Oasis ❤️

My Crystal Tree is an absolute gem in my sacred space. Its beauty brings a unique touch to my room, and the energy from each stone feels like a gentle, reassuring presence in my daily life.

Holistic Healing – 7 Chakra Tree of Life
Francesca Mart

Cosmos in your house

For someone like me who loves space this is really so cool. it feels like magic to use and makes my bedroom so nice to look at and fun

StarVision – App-controlled Smart Star Projector
Roberto Garcia

Lovely Charms ✨

This evil eye bracelet is now a staple in my jewelry collection. it's beautifully designed, and the spiritual significance behind it adds a unique touch. 🌺

Soul Warden – Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Martina B.

The most beautiful incense holder I've ever saw!

Received my holder today, and it's so beautful! The chakra stones bring good vibes. 🌟

Bloomed Purity – 7 Chakra Incense Holder
Andrea N.

How cool ⭐

Very pretty I love the colors well pack thanks to the Starseed Shop :)

DiamondGlow – Crystal Diamond LED Lamp
Camille O'Connell

Divine Truth Lapis Tree

This is a beautiful item. The copper wiring on the branches is very intricate and they are easy to work it. If you take the time and arrange the branches, it truly becomes a magical vision.

Divine Truth – Lapis Lazuli Tree of Life
Michael Pollard

Buddhist blessings on my wrist

This bracelet is like a whisper of ancient blessings and profound teachings on my wrist. Simple and beautiful.

Tibetan Buddhist Red String Lucky Charm Bracelet
David Stoll


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We are Nick and Andreas, two friends who are 100% committed to the spiritual path.

From our own experience we know that the spiritual path is not the easiest. With our products we want to inspire and support your spiritual journey.

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Premium products only

Our intention is to have only products of the highest quality. So each of our products is handpicked and well tested. Instead of selling everything we only sell products that we like ourselves.

We care about you

You are important to us and we want the best for you because we know that there is no separation. That is why we give you a one year warranty on all our products and a 30 days money back guarantee.

We Give back

We are aware of our responsibility towards mother earth and every living being on her. This is the reason why we give 5% of our monthly profit back to different charity organisations.