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✨✨✨UPDATE: NOW YOU CAN SHOP STAR SEED on ETSY ✨✨✨ 🛍️ Hi, loves!! 💗 Thank you so much for visiting. You are always welcome here. I opened the doors and created this shop from the ground up to inspire and empower the spiritual journey through sustainable + ethical apparel. And after 3 years with a lot of hard work, I did just that. 🎉 Now, my mission and message are far greater. I hear the cries of millions of unhealed souls out there (perhaps you're feeling this as well) who desperately need access to the tools to transform and are waiting for a guiding light to reach them. 🌟 Well, I chose to be one of those lights. In an effort to expand my reach and make a greater positive impact, I'm being called to lead in new ways. During these shifting and changing times, I've decided to take a pause on the shop while I focus on Conscious Healing 💖 (Oh, and I'm writing a book too!) I'm really excited about these new changes, though it was a tough call to make. Looking for spiritual apparel and make a positive impact with each purchase? You can still support me and buy anything from my shop via Etsy! (And I'll be adding new things from time to time as well so be sure to check it out!) SHOP If you're here to book a session 💞 or intuitive reading 🔮 with me, please shoot me a message and we can begin the process. ℹ️ If you'd like more information about my private sessions or readings, simply reach out to me. I'd love to chat. :) 💌 EMAIL 📲 DM me on IG I'm opening space for 2 private clients for the remaining of the year. And of course I can always find time for a reading — bc both are my passion!! If you're interested, let's chat! Sending so, so, so much love and gratitude to you. I look forward to serving you more directly in cultivating a deeper connection with your soul or to empower your self-healing journey. 💓💓💓💓💓 Love and Oneness, Terisa 🌟⁠ 💓⁠ 🙏⁠

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